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I sprained my ankle badly a few days ago getting off my small trampoline - I really hurt it, I could...

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H.E.M. Sprained Ankle Reviews
H.E.M. is a powerful sprained ankle rehab treatment that fully heals an ankle sprain in 3-7 days instead of 4-8 weeks. No equipment to buy and takes just minutes a day at home. For all people and ages. Read on any computer, phone or tablet.

HEM Rehab Ankle Sprain

The Breakthrough System that gets Big Results in Record Time
H.E.M. is the #1 selling ankle rehab that has changed the way people heal a sprained ankle. No longer do you have to sit there for 4-8 weeks with the pain, swelling, bruising and frustration of an ankle injury. Thousands of people of all ages and walks of life have successfully healed their ankles and gotten out of pain within 3-7 days.

The main idea behind H.E.M. is very simple: combine the most advanced and effective ankle healing techniques to help the body super charge the healing process. H.E.M. is the only complete, at home rehab program for sprained, injured and weak ankles. You do not need any equipment which means once you download the ebook, you can start healing immediately. And most people report significantly less pain by the next day!

Sprained Ankle Review Scott I have to write to tell you how happy I am that I found your website. I badly sprained my ankle on a Sunday and purchased your book on Monday. By Tuesday evening I was walking normally and ten days later I have just completed a 5 mile run with no problems. I have told everyone about your method IT REALLY IS FOR REAL!!!!! Thank you for designing a program that actually works and produces REAL results. - Amanda Brogan, Las Vegas, NV

Is the H.E.M. system difficult or time consuming?
Not at all. The H.E.M. takes a just few minutes a day and is extremely simple to understand and follow. The program will clearly show you what to do from the first moment you injure your ankle until you are fully healed. Again, the whole process will take about 1 week. Then, if desired, you can continue to use H.E.M. a few minutes a day to significantly increase the strength and functionality of your ankles for dramatically better and more powerful movement in sports and life.

How long until you are out of pain?
For most twists and sprains, you can expect to be walking normally again within about 3 - 7 days. Compare that with the average healing time of rest and ice alone (4-8 weeks)
. In addition, you can expect the swelling and bruising from your ankle sprain to diminish very rapidly. There is nothing magical about H.E.M. (although you may feel that way when you use it). It simply combines the best known healing methods into an easy to use system that helps the body heal significantly faster than rest and ice alone.

HEM Ankle Thank you! I've been limping around for almost 2 weeks now and did all the ice, soaking, ace bandage thingy which did nothing for the pain or the re-swelling after I walked a little bit. I got the program and just wanted to let you know, by the next morning the swelling was down by half! We couldn't believe how much the swelling went down overnight. Thank you!
- Anthony Ware, Chattanooga , TN

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What does the H.E.M. system do?
H.E.M. truly is a one of a kind ankle rehab system. It is the only complete program available for at home use that gets the same results or better than you would expect from a professional rehabilitation expert. This powerful ankle healing system breaks up scar tissue, eliminates swelling and heals bruising quickly while also improving healthy range of motion and strength in the ankles.

The H.E.M. system is broken up into two parts. First, the rehab section shows you everything you need to heal ALL the damage from your sprained ankle. It will show you step by step how to use the secret healing methods of the pros at home without the need for any equipment whatsoever. You will see and feel the results FAST!

Then, once you are fully healed, the H.E.M. system also contains a one of a kind prehab program that is optional, but will significantly strengthen your ankles. The prehab section will create a platform for incredible strength, power and flexibility that dramatically improves your speed and functional movement while also significantly decreasing your risk of future injury. Again, no equipment needed for any part of the program, so you can do it anywhere, anytime. The prehab section is great for athletes or anyone with chronically weak ankles.

HEM Ankle Sprain Review Thank you for your outstanding program. My daughter was just cleared by her orthopedic doctor to return to the soccer field 3 weeks from the date of the sprain with the injury originally diagnosed as a severe grade 2 and a time table of 6-8 weeks. The doctor was somewhat astonished. Our only problem now is the high school trainer who cannot come to terms with the injury healing that quickly. He is refusing to release her for another 4 weeks despite the orthopedic specialists' written release. It is a very unusual situation. Thanks again.
- William Busse, Oro Valley, AZ

What is wrong with Rest and Ice
If you have used the R.I.C.E. (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) system in the past, you already know it is an extremely slow healing process. It can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks and in some cases up to many months to get your ankle back to health! One of the main reasons is that ice is only effective for the first 36-48 hours. After the first 2 days, ice has not been shown to be clinically effective at reducing swelling.

But, to make it worse, the R.I.C.E. system just tells you to just wait and rest. How exactly is that supposed to heal the ankle? If you do nothing (as R.I.C.E. suggest) you are forcing the ankle to heal all by itself. If you do that, the ankle will heal very poorly and slowly, because of the accumulation of scar tissue, general ligament weakness, neuromuscular damage and inflexibility caused by the injury.

Did you know that 9 million people sprain their ankles every year? And up to 30% of those people still have pain 1 year later!* It shows you just how important it is to heal your ankle properly. If you do not, your ankle will heal slowly and badly. And, of course, you will be at a much higher risk of injuring it again, because it will remain stiff and weak.

With H.E.M. you Heal FASTER and BETTER
In contrast, the H.E.M. system allows your body to naturally increase the speed and quality of the healing process dramatically. In essence, it teaches you to do exactly what the body craves for the best kind of healing. So, not only will you heal much more quickly, you will also heal much better

You can expect two things from the H.E.M. system: One - instead of months, you can expect to be walking normally again in about 3-7 days. And two - your ankle will be stronger, healthier, more flexible and at much lower risk for future injury. In short, H.E.M. is a complete rehab system that helps correct all the various kinds of damage created by an ankle injury.

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HEM Rolled Ankle Rehab Review

I sprained my ankle 5 days before a holiday. It was a pretty bad sprain... I found the H.E.M. system and to my amazement my ankle healed in record time. I was able to do all the activities on holiday including water skiing. I highly recommend this product to anyone. Thank you for providing such incredible information. - Vinod Patel, London, UK

Incredibly Easy to Use
This rehab program was written in a way that anyone can understand and follow. For every exercise, there are multiple high quality images to illustrate it. And each step very clearly and simply explains the proper form so that you get the maximum amount of benefit from every single aspect of the rehab and prehab programs.

And again, since there is no equipment to buy, you can get started immediately. Plus, that means you can do the steps of the system anywhere, anytime. You can do it at home or anywhere else that is convenient for you. Since it only takes a few minutes out of your day, it will not interrupt your busy life. In fact, it will get you back to your life quickly and safely, guaranteed!

NEW CHAPTER - The Secret of How to Walk and Run PAIN FREE
The modern person has lost the innate ability of how to naturally walk and run naturally and safely. That probably seems like a crazy statement to make, but it is true. Ever since Nike invented the modern running shoe in 1972, there have been more foot and ankle injuries than ever before.

You would think that after almost 40 years of research, this multi-billion dollar a year industry would have created shoes that dramatically reduce injuries and improve performance. In fact the opposite is the case. H.E.M. now includes a brand new chapter that discusses this in length so you can learn why your shoes may be causing you pain and leading you toward an ankle sprain.

Plus, there are some great suggestions for new shoes that actually improve performance and decrease the risk of injury. And, most importantly, H.E.M. reveals the secrets of the proper and natural way to run and walk so you can help prevent future injuries and pain.

HEM Ankle Rehab Review Many thanks for the book. It was a miracle! I sprained my ankle badly, the bruising was above my ankle bone & through to the other side. I followed the book more or less to the letter & within 4 days I was back out running again. My husband was also amazed & I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who needs it.
- Helen Christie, Leicestershire, United Kingdom

Guaranteed to Work or Your Money Back
The H.E.M. Rehab and Prehab program has helped so many thousands of people recover quickly and fully from their ankle injuries that we are completely confident you will have the same amazing experience. Simply try the H.E.M. Ankle Rehab Program for up to 30 days and if you are not completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund. No hassles. That is our Risk Free Guarantee to you. So download the H.E.M. Ankle Rehab program now and begin the healing process immediately.

Benefits of H.E.M.

HEM Ankle Cure My daughter is a Team USA Synchronized ice skater. We ordered H.E.M. when she had a grade 3 inversion ankle sprain. She was able to get back on the ice in 3 weeks. Amazing considering she could not even put any weight on it for one full week and others told us her torn ligaments would mean 8 weeks off the ice!
- J. Kuiphof, La Mirada, CA

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(*Margo KL (December 2008). "Review: many adults still have pain and subjective instability at 1 year after acute lateral ankle sprain". Evid Based Med 13 (6): 187.)